SMTP POP3 DLL allows a developer to seamlessly integrate email sending and retrieval using one simpl
1.0 (See all)

Sending Features
-Send simple Text or HTML Emails using SMTP Protocol.
-Supports AUTHLOGIN, plain text and POP authorisation.
-Send no/single or multiple Attachments.
-Send Bulk Emails or single emails at a time.

Receiving Features
-Receive Single Emails.
-Receive Multiple Emails.
-Receive Emails based on size.
-Full deletion control, delete any unwanted emails from the server without downloading them.
-Save the Email as EML format.
-Attachment manipulation.
-Full access to all of the mail properties.

Ras Features
-Establish new Internet Connections
-Hangup established Internet Connections
-Enumerate Phonebook entries
-Enumerate Connections

General Features
-A vast array of Events to access the component at run time and effect how it process actions.
-Detect the type of Internet connection in use, LAN, Modem, Proxy.
-A full array of events to manipulate the control at run time.
-Load all EML format emails and use the component to manipulate the properties.

Shareware Limitations
-Extra information is appended to outgoing emails with information on registering the component.

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